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Boxing For Health is founded by pro boxer, Miguel Lopez. He had a rough upbringing and boxing gave him a way out. It kept him focused and out of trouble. He started Boxing For Health to bring boxing to the people and to lead them on a path of healthy and positive lifestyle.

Boxing for Health is exactly what the name describes

It’s not only boxing for the most elite athletes and professional fighters, it is for anyone looking to get fit and in shape, physically, mentally and emotionally. The gym’s family vibe will bring you in and get you hooked, not to mention it will also provide you with a superior workout! It’s for clients who are not only looking to learn real boxing techniques but also for those who want to get in shape through workouts that will push the limits. Be a part of a supportive community that will keep you motivated!
Our classes are for all fitness and skill levels! Come check out our cardio, strength training and boxing classes today!

Classes & Training


Ever wanted to see what it’s like to train like a fighter? Our cardio class has various drills and exercises that will build up conditioning and endurance. Learn how to be explosive by doing burnouts on the heavy bags, ladder drills for footwork, not to mention calisthenics and circuit training.

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Find your inner strength and learn how to use your power in our strength training class. By using self-lifting techniques and circuit training, we will teach you where your power comes from and push you to the next level. Learn how to deliver power punches that are good for the core but also a great stress release.

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It’s time to break it down in our boxing class. Learn all the fundamentals and techniques in boxing not just to get in shape but also for self-defense. Beginners or veterans can sharpen their skills in this class. Learn ranges and footwork that will have you slipping punches and dancing around your opponents in the ring.

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Kids & Teens

Our kids and teens don’t just learn how to fight in our classes; they also learn self-defense, discipline, and confidence. Through our youth program we help them build character skills that will develop them into young adults of the community.

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We love helping our members and they love us back!

★★★★★ by more than 530 individuals


“A great work-out, you will see results and get healthier.”—Linda P.


“I took the boxing class and it was amazing!!”—Vani S.


“Everyone was super friendly and helpful and I had a hard but fun workout!”—Jennifer H.


“Love the attention they give you. They make you feel special and like you Can Do It!!!”—Yvette G.

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